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We have started this adventure with three particularly committed people who somehow complete Cicero’s quote: «Agriculture is the proper profession of the wise man, the most appropriate for the simple and the most worthy occupation for every free man»

Jose Antonio ARCE: a simple Cordovan farmer, with great experience in the field, restless, dynamic and a great lover of crops.

Christine DARTIGUELONGUE: former businesswoman in the industry, also a farmer, now free and enthusiastic about new adventures.

Mikel ORBEA: novice farmer, interested in ecology, passionate about gastronomy and a wise man.

We have 146 hectares with a total of 150,000 trees. Much of it is found in the rich Guadalquivir Valley and another part in Aragon. Our plantations are young between 3 and 5 years. The planted almond trees are self-fertile and therefore avoid such an unpleasant bitterness in the fruit.

Almost two years ago we decided to move the crops to the organic sector to remain consistent with our ideas. It was clear that we could not consider being farmers, living off the land and not taking care of it for years to come. 90% of the production comes from the Lauranne variety, and 10% Penta. Contrary to what is found on the market, we consider it to be the best variety for savory tasting.