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We introduce ourselves, we are 3 farmers who want to be able to bring to your table an almond of excellent quality. Our challenge is to be able to close the circle of the sustainable agri-food model, cultivate the almond, process it and finally market it. We want to respond to a growing market demand that seeks to buy directly from the farmer, looking for a quality product at competitive prices.

AlmondTerra Objectives

Our main objective is the responsible cultivation of almonds, ensuring our customers a product from self-fertile varieties that discard bitter almonds.

: : We cultivate the perfect, tasty and healthy almond

: : We want to improve the international perception of the Spanish almond

: : We want to take almonds to new horizons

: : We elaborate almonds in an artisanal way to differentiate ourselves by quality

AlmondTerra Values


Respect for the personal experiences of each one of us and our contributions allows us to achieve the best results.

Excellence and quality

We are very rigorous with the methodology that allows us to maintain quality and excellence in almond production.


«Agriculture is the proper profession of the wise, the most suitable for the simple and the most worthy occupation for every free man.» Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 – 43 BC)

Respect for the enviroment

We maintain a commitment to constant improvement and respect for the environment, having transformed the different farms to organic farming in 2020-21 to be consistent with our values.